5 reasons why it is impossible for you to monetize your blog

1. Direct access to make money:

Many bloggers want to make quick money, which is not possible. It will take time and work smart to make money online. No affiliate programs, e-books or advertisers can make you rich in a few days. Working for 4-5 moths will not make you a professional blogger. Give your best effort and time to his career as a blogger; that will surely generate income online.

2. Lack of efforts

You can get a purchase of a blog and start to wish that will generate money. Just having a blog and publishing articles will not take you to your dream. You need to learn all about making money online and also the efforts that are made. Just reading the article and not apply the tricks with proper planning could only result in failure.

3. The fear of obstacles

If you want to make money you have to go through obstacles, you will not find on the red carpet always. You will find a lot of problems in principle. Be confident, seek solutions, ask other bloggers, but have no fear of failure.

4. distraction

It is very common mistake bloggers make. They will choose a lot of options to make money online and keep jumping from one option to another. This will surely lead to failure in making money online. Focus on one project at a time and give the best to him, you will surely succeed.

5. Lack of passion

Only the passion that will lead towards your goal. It is important to have passion and positive energy to accomplish what you want from your blog. If you have passion, you will overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.
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