Earn $3000 – $5000 Per Month Via AdSense

You may have noticed that many people updating their Facebook status with huge earnings reports AdSense. Ever you wonder what they are doing, and how they are managing to sustain consistent income? Well, not much secret in earning $ 3000 - $ 5000 per month. Most people who earn huge revenue through AdSense are quite out of work. Yes, you heard right! They have nothing to do with niche blogging, affiliate marketing, network of blogs, blogs AdSense high CPC and etc. These people have only 1 or 2 private blogs with tons of US and Indian traffic. The best part about this business is something you do not need to invest anything other than your time. We will discuss in detail about this strategy to make money.

Earn $ 3000 - $ 5000 per month through AdSense

Although there are many secret strategies to make money with AdSense, this strategy is my favorite. I have not spent my time doing this kind of blog, but could still try in the future with the help of my team. This simple trick works with the basic rules of creativity, blogs and networks. Good! Enough of suspense! Now let me come to the point immediately.

Any time you click Facebook memes and images of trolls that redirected to a personal web page do? Possibly yes! and if you are an active member of Facebook, then you might have certainly found hundreds of pages of Facebook with millions of likes and comments. So how do they get some many likes and comments on each of your blog post published? And what this has to do with AdSense revenue? That's what we're here to discuss.

Happy meme facebook

blogs and websites funny picture make so much money in a month, which is almost impossible to obtain from a tech blog in one year. And remember that every blog has fun images do not have money. a blue print stability on the table to compete with a blog as 9gag, Damnlol necessary and lolhappens etc. These blogs make a lot of money, which is absolutely impossible to beat down initially.

All these blogs and website are executed with a simple concept called "Facebook Fan Page". So no SEO involved in the ranking of a website. So if the important factors of SEO basics and simple blogs are known, then you're the king. These websites create custom memes, funny pictures, and other applications that drive thousands of size in just a couple of days. It is very easy to set up a blog as Damnlol, but the hard part is constantly maintained. Fortunately there is very little competition in the search engines, but what makes their job much more difficult is the Facebook likes and fans.

I have spent more than a month to research on this strategy and here right away. I'm sharing my plan secret solid research, which could help to make big money with AdSense. But it will proceed to read only if you are spending more than 18-20 hours a day initially. This strategy is not a game of one-man army, which involves itself in partnerships and collaborations.

My research strategy to earn huge revenue AdSense:

I'm ready down step by step strategy, so you can repeat exactly the same in the future. This solid plan does not depend on luck! It depends on pure hard work, creativity and sense of time. Here we are,

The keyword research:

Without checking the screen below, you have to tell me what would be the approximate CPC "Funny Pictures". Guessing somewhere around 50 rupees right? Well, there you see the screen now! It is freaking Rs. 2,700 ($ 42) per click. But not all keywords that fetch that amount!

funny pictures keyword research

I only use long tail keywords to search my high CPC keywords research Pro words. It's simple, straight, and affordable. Trust my words, the Pro will be a long tail keyword tool amazing what ever buy in your life. Spencer Haws was humble enough to offer Long Tail Pro at a discounted price of $ 67 for the SEOSiren users. (This link is my affiliate link, which could help me write more impressive SEOSiren posts)

So if you look at the first keyword in the picture above, you may see that "Plumbing Funny" has a lot of money involved with your AdSense account. But this is not always correct. You can get very less / more than what you see here. But still nothing more than $ 20 is an impressive keyword in my opinion. Check out some other keywords in the list. Each of these keywords are so tempting that anyone could fall for a website. But wait! There is a right way to do it.

I found many keywords high and low CPC competition in the niche funny pictures. In screenshot above, you can see only 10% of the actual high keyword CPC AdSense. There are many gold nuggets over this, but wait! What will investigate if I tell you everything? So they are. Also do not forget to take a look at the local monthly keywords while research.

Understanding Competition:

You have to understand the competition to choose the right keywords. Fortunately there is a lot of money involved in "fun Plumbing images" keyword, which has surprisingly low level of competition in Google. Check out the screenshot below Authority page, page juice and page rank.

competition keyword AdSense

This particular keyword has at least competition, which would require only a couple of months to sort your keyword. According to Spencer Haws and Pat Flynn, any web page with less than 30 Authority page it is damn easy to compete. Also the average of all the ranks of the combined page should not be more than 2%. So if you combine all the totals page rank of these 10 pages taking an average, it is only 0.3%. Woohoo! This keyword is an absolute bounty for any experienced SEO blogger or niche marketing.

Use Long Tail Pro to unearth the top 10 keywords with less competition and high CPC. a lot of their time to research keywords low competition through Google Planner words, so understand the point of investing your money in something or the other principle is needed.

Website Structure:

Once you have these keywords in hand, be sure to immediately start a blog on Blogspot.com. You never make a blog on WordPress, because the damn traffic this niche will blow your server in just a couple of days. Initially you can not afford VPS or high-end servers to host a high-traffic website through WordPress. So go with blogger.com zero investment in hosting and maintenance.

Be sure to register a domain setting 50% Exact your keyword, but never go to domain exact match to 100%. So if I consider my key to being "Plumbing Funny Pictures" word, then I have to make sure it is not FunnyPlumbingPictures.com. Get a similar domain name with little keyword optimization, and redirect your blogspot blog.

Now create categories or files in your blogspot and name them with the keywords of seeds. Also make sure to add titles and meta descriptions appropriate when necessary. I leave the SEO part so that you can learn something about SEO yourself.

Now make sure you are posting at least 50-100 blog entries by day with Facebook commenting system enabled for each published post. This is very important because people tend to post your comments on Facebook on the wall too.

Content production:

Aha! This is where all lose our heart to maintain a fun blog. Creating content for these blogs kinda is extremely difficult, as you have to be very creative and fun. The images you see in Damnlol, 9Gag are tailored memes, generating millions of hits every day. You must have a dedicated graphic designer to make their own memes, but for now you can rip off the images from different sources.

custom memes

I learned some simple to rip data for your blog ways. The first is through surf every torrent site on earth to funny pictures, and second is stealing images are other pages and groups Facebook fans. There are many software automatically downloads images in bulk in the market. Grab one for the time, and start pulling the content whenever possible.

Also make sure that if you choose the niche "Plumbing funny pictures", make sure you have all land rights related to it. This way people will jump into your Google site. But make sure you are entertaining your Facebook fans through other images. These images do not have to be on their website, but make sure you design yourself in the future. Because Google hates duplicate and are believed to be plagiarized even pictures.

Some people use URL watermarks on your images, it is probably the most stupid idea to grow as a brand. You should never put watermarks URL in your pictures. Make a custom logo, and then print your images on a 70% transparency.

Profitability of your blog:

So AdSense is now the best way to monetize your blog in such websites. But remember that AdSense will not approve your account to blogs and photos easily. If you already have an AdSense account, you very well. If you can not get your Adsense in just 3 days.

When monetizing your blog with AdSense, be sure to wait for a couple of months to get confidence, traffic and the sympathy of its members. Without proper user base, it is impossible to make money with AdSense. So the initial base plan is to get more users of Facebook on its website.

After a profitable base users, be sure to install AdSense units 2 Large Rectangle (336 x 280). You can also install 728 x 90 Leaderboard in the head portion, but make sure there are no listings in both the anterior fold.

Users hitch:

You have to post at least 250 to 300 images a day on their Facebook fan pages to engage users. Do what it takes and tag your friends, creating fake profiles, asking people, and so on. But be sure to get at least 1000-2000 per day tastes. Now that's where you have to put your mind at. You really can not help you get mass tastes, because it is you who have to find out.

Always make sure you get traffic from the United States that has more than CPC and commitment. Focusing on topics such as Miley Cyrus Twerking, Justin Beiber, etc., to attract people's attention. People love to be fun, so take full advantage to build your business.

Rinse and repeat:

You have to repeat these steps to find more and more keywords in the future. Be sure to add these high CPC keywords in your blog somewhere. Make it an authority site, and never let people know where you are getting the content.

You never lose your heart in making an authority site. God has not created 9Gag, Damnlol and other impressive websites. Whenever you should take the initiative to start something different and conversion. Although this technique is not taken seriously by many popular bloggers, its still an easy way to earn potential happiness and creativity money. I hope this article will help you do your own online business. Stay a tower ask your questions focused. Happy earnings!
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