What should I do to succeed at Themeforest?

They try to find and implement something that people actually have to use. There is a large selection of topics Corporate / business and creative / Portfolio and is quite difficult to innovate in this category more. Whether you have to experiment with a truly unique design no one did and hope (or pray) for good sales coming your way, or you can go on the road and paved everyone follows.

I advise not to do what everybody else does, because you're a creative artist, you need to innovate and create something new and surprising. But the old days of selling only work like a madman have been in class ThemeForest.

What I would suggest a new author is for him to try to carve their own niche. Why not try to be the best in one of the already good-selling niches. You just have to try to experiment a bit, there are numerous categories in WordPress ThemeForest section where there are fewer than 10 units. Well, if you publish an issue and there are only 10 available options, you will have a 10% chance that your subject will be chosen for the project someone has. If you are publishing a topic in the category of portfolio currently it has more than 700 items, which is your chance to find the item again after 50 or 100 issues published? 

Tip # 1: Create something useful!
Creating a solution equipped for a specific company, such as a restaurant with a full menu and ordering system online. A WordPress theme hotel with a nice book form, which makes the job very well. A theme of marching bands in which they can put their music online and share with the world. A pleasant and innovative way to show their creative work with your prospects. 

Tip # 2: Design sells!One of the most important things in ThemeForest and the only thing that can make or break your sales: Design.

Probably the biggest obstacle facing new authors is that its design is not at par with the design standards ThemeForest. That is something that is not supposed to teach you what the reviewer is not expected a message fully reviewed only if you are very close to approval. Otherwise, you receive a fairly generic message.

When I first showed up, I was advised to improve my skills typography, learning about white space, negative space and so on. You know what I did? No anger by the reviewer in this way: "Oh, you're a fool How do you know design you're just a review here I have 12 years experience!?.". I'm pretty sure I had those thoughts. What I did instead is: I started searching the Internet for quality articles on typography, what does the white space, how to improve my text readability and so on. 

Tip # 3: Do not copy!Probably one of the most common rookie mistakes I've seen recently in ThemeForest. When people come to despair and can not do their approved design, they are able to sell as well as Salient issues, Enfold, or something similar. Have some dignity! Create your own product and not copy others! In addition, staff ThemeForest disable your article and most likely your account and you will never be able to sell back there. Be smart.

 Tip # 4: Presentation is king!You will not be able to sell items, or will sell extremely low numbers, if using low quality images. Invest some money in archival quality images, which are definitely worth it! Learn from the giants (like Apple), the way they market their products, how they present what you can do with your products and not product features. Tell your customers what they can do what they can accomplish with your product and your issue is not more than 600 sources of Google.
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