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Find ideas for a blog is a difficult task even for an experienced blogger.

No matter how good is that in a brainstorm, you run out of ideas of some of the times.

There are dozens of messages that explain to you how to find business ideas blog. Most of these messages do not explain how to find ideas that drive real links to your blog setback.

The best way to build links is to produce natural recoil great content and promote it properly. So brainstorm for blogs that have the potential to boost backlinks high quality is essential.

It is a gold mine for ideas for blogs. Taking advantage of to build your blog and find sources of inspiration, you can do wonders.

Let me unveil the dirty secret of finding ideas that drive post backlinks to your site.
Go to Quora.

There, search for the topic of interest.

In the above example, I searched the theme 'content marketing'.
There, I looked for the questions that have absolutely a good number of followers.
If a question has good followers, which means it is a common question.
That's the thing.

If you create content on the same subject, you will get many readers. Moreover, you can get potential backlinks if the issue is presented in a unique way.

When creating content on the subject that is in Quora, I advise you to answer the original question, along with a link to your site.

Thus, the fate of additional traffic and visitors, as well as followers of the questions will be obtained.
When targeted traffic coming to your blog, which will increase their social actions, and can attract good inbound links.

Use the power of Google search:

Google is the best friend of you to help you find the best business ideas.

You can ask me - "What should I look I'm dry?".

Here's the trick.

Research after research found to be the following types of content are shared and linked to most of the time.

Ultimate guides
Message List
Case Studies
Now you know why.

Before implementing this strategy, I suggest installing Ahrefs toolbar to the browser. Ahrefs has the largest database of backlinks. The toolbar displays the number of backlinks search results are.

I'll get clear. Keep reading.

twenty-one. Find the infographic ideas

Google search,

Your keyword + "infographics"

It is returned all the best graphics in your niche. Most of the early results have a good amount of inbound links.

Infographic ideas
As I said above, to obtain accurate results, as you can see in the picture above, you must activate the bar Ahrefs tools. the number of backlinks shown below search results.

You can also combine several keywords for more results.

Like, if you are in SEO blogs and niche may have to search for the term,

Blogs or SEO + "infographics"

Returns all pages that have either infographics related blogs or SEO.

Thus, by adding keywords, you can expand the number of possible ideas mails you receive. Simply join keywords with "OR" operator.

Ultimate guides:

Similarly, the end guides are magnets link. They attract large backlinks if properly promoted.

If you are determined to create definitive or comprehensive guides in place, you need some ideas.

Here it is how to use Google search to generate ideas for your guide.

ultimate guide
As you can see in the picture above, just search for a keyword.

Keyword1 OR key2 + "definitive guide"

You can also replace the final word with full, short, etc.

Just scan the first results. Browse results have good backlinks. Come up with a unique idea.

Creating a great blog is the best in its class. Promote correctly and get backlinks.

Is not it simple?

Message List

Message List
As you can see in the picture above, you have to just search for the keyword list, along with your keywords. Simply combine search operators to find the desired results.

I used the asterisk symbol is a wildcard character that matches any text before the word "list".

With this method, you can find all the best of the positions of the list in your niche. Just examine the results. Choose subject that is driving good backlinks and is unique. Start building a list on the subject.

Be sure to keep the quality of your list than the original source candidates. For this, you can ensure that you attract good backlinks and rank higher in search results.

Case Studies:

Just search for case studies in your niche, following the same method I described above.

Following the example.

Case Study Search
Just search,

Keyword1 OR key2 + "case study"

Now activate the tool bar Ahrefs. Now get a unique idea for case study.

It's as simple as that.

Publish interviews and Roundups:

interview influencers in your niche. a lot of traffic and some potential inbound links to your site will be promoted.

Let me give you an example.

interview list
Here is a screenshot of the blog of Erik Emanuelli.

all interviews him on his web page about lists.

That means, if you interview, you get a backlink.

It's as simple as that.

In this way, you need to learn the art of interviewing people. Will drive traffic and some backlinks to your site.

You can also try to include more people in rodeos. For this, you increase the chances of getting backlinks.

When you run out of ideas, the best idea is to reach influential bloggers and marketers, publishing interviews or rodeos, and get backlinks and easy traffic.

Is not it simple?

Click here to read more about this technique of building links, along with 4 others.

Broken link building:

This is probably the most effective way to build backlinks and at the same time find content ideas.

To do this, you need to search the messages in your niche, which regularly publish resources or the list of the best articles.

Some also monthly cure for content sites show the most important items place around the web.

You need to look for such items. Make use of extensions such as Check My Links to check for broken links on the Resources page. Now you need to create content on the same topic in his blog. You have a new idea of ​​content. Wow.

Now for the sake of a backlink, simply ping is necessary to webmaster dead link and enter your new piece of content to it. For this, he will be happy to link to you as you helped fix the broken link. Most people will not mind linking to you.

Read this article Anil Agrawal of BloggersPassion know more about building broken link.

Analyze the headlines:

There are a lot of RSS readers, aggregators blogs and content sites healing, which collects the best resources and articles in a niche.

You need to simply scan headlines attentive contained in those ideas to bring some new ideas blog content in your brain. The content to be scanned must be popular to get backlinks.

Some of the best places to find ideas presented content like this:

  • Alltop
  • Flipboard
  • Remove it
  • options boards
  • Feedly
  • blog communities
  • Twitter hashtags
  • Just search for the keyword related to your niche in the search box of these tools, and get content ideas.

For Twitter, just search for the keyword.

Ideas post on Twitter
Now it is necessary to examine the tweets gave a big commitment. You can find many ideas for you blog about.

Ask your readers what they are struggling with:

Many of the best bloggers already use this strategy.

For this strategy to work, you need to have decent subscribers on your list. Just send an email to all of them, to answer any problems they are facing.

Alternatively, you can ask directly to them as - "What content can we expect from my blog?" Therefore you can leverage your email list to get ideas for content so you can blog about.

For example, if your email list is 1000 in size. the response rate 2% is obtained, then realizes 20 different ideas blog entries. Woohoo! A lot of content ideas.

Creating blogs, in what readers are fighting is a great way to generate traffic, trust and loyalty. To get ideas from this and also your readers will benefit greatly.

When you touch on the problem of burning in your niche, the chances of attracting links setback will be more correct.

Trying to solve a huge problem in your niche.

browse forums and communities:

There are a variety of niche forums. For internet marketing, there are niches like the Warrior Forum, Digital Point, SitePoint, etc. You simply need to browse through forums within your niche to find new content ideas.

You will also find often found with the burning problems that people face.

You can also join some of the popular communities of Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus. You can interact with people to get new content ideas.

Another tip is to look to the community discussion thread. Most sites use as their platform Disqus commenting.

Browse the discussions relating to your niche and find new content ideas by observing the questions posed by readers.


These are some of the effective ways to find content ideas that generate backlinks to your site.

I suggest you keep a file of ideas and update it as it comes through ideas for a blog. He makes sure that his inspiration not dry out. Whenever you start writing a blog, you can check the archive for oiling your machine.

Make sure the content is created is of high quality because no one links to your content if it is mediocre and not delivering value to its readers.

I hope you found this article useful.
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