Make 500 Dollar Per Day through Adsense

This is something that I tried and it worked well, so I'm sharing here ...

I have several sites white hat. I use Google Analytics in all of them. So I was browsing through Analytics and see what keywords led people to one of my sites, and noticed a keyword really had nothing to do with my site (this particular site was a forum) and I've noticed in a thread someone mentioned this keyword and this thread are highly indexed in Google for this keyword. This automatically said competition for this keyword is almost nonexistent. Now you can do keyword research and try to find the weakness of keywords competition but by the use of analysis could find something I knew 100% was very weak in the competition.

So I bought a domain with this keyword in the name. It will cost $ 10. Time spent 5 minutes.

I installed wordpress and wrote 5 items. They cost between $ 0. Time spent 45 minutes.

I optimized my blog using WordPress plugin MaxBlogPress, plug-in xml site map, all in one SEO plugin. They cost between $ 0. Time spent 20 minutes.
I added an AdSense to my site. Adsense ad is 300 × 250, and I put it in the title of my article and article. It is governed by adsense t & c, no shade there. They cost between $ 0. Time spent 5 minutes.

This was my first test. Cost $ 10, 1 hour and 15 minutes.

URL of the page of my site has been indexed on the second page of Google in a week and was bringing some AdSense revenue. After 2 weeks one of my articles were also indexed on the second page. Clicks were only generating $ 0.10 / click, but I was not trying to make a million dollars with this. And I knew that if I did a bit of link building that would get on the first page easy.

I spent 20 minutes creating an explosion Scrapebox to build some backlinks and dug in backlinks. I have about 1,000, which was more than enough for a brand new site. Both my URL of the page and the article were on the front page within another week.

Now I waited a week and in that week I made $ 40 from adsense. Not bad for an investment of $ 10 and less than 2 hours of time.

then I bought 3 more domain names (with the keyword in the domain). He ran through exactly the same process. I am now owns 6 of the 10 places on the first page of Google for this keyword. In the first full month I made $ 300 Now is the second month and will leave around $ 425-450ish. I do not own the first position, however, so if I get there you may get up to $ 600-700 / month blocked out. Note, this is all for a keyword that only pays $ 0.10 / click on average. My click through rate is 20-25% on average.

Now I'm writing one article per week (takes 5 minutes). I turn 4 times. Upload an article spun to each of my four sites. So my maintenance is 20 minutes / month to earn a couple of hundred per month.

I'm not sharing my keyword, or my sites so do not ask. The point of this thread is to point out another method for keyword research I have not heard many people use. And also note that you can make some easy money with paying lower CPC keywords, it is not necessary to attack the niche insurance or medical care to make $ XXX per month.

method 2
In order to easily make $ 100 to $ 1000 a day online you have to have the right information. Once you have the tools in place, the income will follow, whenever a routine follow certain steps engaged to carry out. There are no magic formulas or special tricks that simply do everything automatically.

5 Easy Steps

How many e-books or reports Customers who bought lately promising to put you on the easy road to riches Internet? Do not worry about keeping track, it is a necessary step in your online marketing curve.

An advice; do not let your friends or family who chide not become an internet millionaire overnight. Just remember that the 80-20 rule that applies to life online business, as it does in the "real world." Out of 100 sellers try to make money online, only 20% will actually whenever. The other 80% try, but never start or remain out of focus, jumping from one opportunity to another.

If you want to succeed (as in real life) that have to practice the "Power of One" approach. This means focusing on one thing at a time, get really good at it ... then go ahead.

I'm sure your curiosity is boiling over now wondering how easy it will be to make $ 100
day. After all, I'm pretty sure that a lot of so-called "gurus" have already promised you instant riches ... right?

So what makes the steps I'll give anything different from what you already have? Actually, there are more than five steps for successful Internet marketing, but for the sake of time, I'm cutting the lint and giving you the condensed version. But do not worry ... I'm sharing the team!

Ready to go? These are critical steps that must learn and work every day.

Step 1 in the A system revenue $ 100 Day is this ...

Make sure you have a PayPal, Clickbank and PayDotCom account settings for yourself. That is the most important! This is how you will get paid ;-)

All are quick and easy to install. It just takes a little time.

Go to to your ClickBank account.

Go to to your Paypal account.

Go to your account PayDotCom.

Not a product or service of your own, do not really need much of anything is necessary.

Only the ability to write a good recommendation for someone elses product!

Before you stop reading this article, because they have an inherent fear of writing, I've done that you have a way around that, too. You are simply going to become an expert in your article talks / playback (record it) and have them transcribed. Have someone transcribe your article spoken, which can cost $ 6.00 and $ 10. That's it ... no more excuses can not write, OK?

I know ... I'm probably Jumpin 'way to go here, but I know you may be thinking of so many other obstacles that you may just think that this is going to be very difficult ... right?

Listen to me ... just one step at a time, OK! Let's go through a lot of stuff safe here. All I want you to do for now is relax and trust that we will go through everything you need to know to succeed with my system.

Okay ... the first step taken is to ensure that you have configured accounts so you are sure to receive proper credit (and profit) of product references.

So here it is step 2 in our A Income System Day $ 100 ....

Let's take advantage of an ingenious method that simply write an article a day (about 350-700 words), and because the article provide a detailed and impartial review of product someone else. That's!

Step 3 - You go to the market - ClickBank and navigate through the programs you already have knowledge or interest in spending some time there .. You do not have to feel like you have to choose the first one or two you see. Read the "pitch page" and see if it's something you feel you could buy.

Later, once you get to feel comfortable there and learn the different ways to search, you will feel at home. Several tips for you; when you do your searches, change the level of search results from 10 to 30. This will save a lot of time. Tip two is not picking the most popular programs listed, as there are a lot of people competing for them.

Learn the difference between the methods of 'order'. They are: Popularity, high and low density,% cattle and Referral%. As mentioned above, take your time and get to know Clickbank, very well.

To recap a bit ....

* To set up your affiliate accounts I have with Clickbank, etc.

* You will find some products you are interested in reviewing and write a short review of the product on it.

* Later, then we will submit these articles to some popular directories such as the one at this time items.

Step 4 - Now, let's talk briefly about the actual construction of your article.

Its title is the most important part of your article!

Spend 50% of your efforts in the "title" of your article. This is extremely important. If the title is not full of benefits for readers who is most likely not even get article read ... so spend much time in it!

The above point is very important! The title of his article determine its success or failure - that simple!

Step 5 - And here's the kicker ...

Once you have written your article, you were given the opportunity to place a small "About the Author" band at the bottom of each of your articles. Many publishers use this article "advertising space" to tell people a little about themselves and then also put a link to your website .... as below.

So ... you are going to use this little ad space to place a brief note about yourself and leave your website link where you can easily find your affiliate product link. This way, when someone reads your rave review about a particular product, you may want to learn a little more about it. Therefore, simply click the link at the bottom of your article and viola! They are transported through cyberspace and ...

You get credit for the referral and most importantly a commission if this person decides to buy the product. Dang! I love the Internet!

Follow these steps and they do religiously every day and you will definitely be on your way to see how other constantly open their email every morning with a cup of your favorite coffee and watch the days of PayPal payment.

method 3
No new magic formula method or just plain old rules only summarized here ... I use the same method with minor variations from mine ... I am an average of $ 500 a day. I'm ranking over 20 + niche in Google (at this time in the bottom part on 2nd page) ... I hope to reach the top ranking with in 3-4 months and could just make my win 10 times .. ..

1) find a product that is in demand:

You can do this by using various tools like AdWords keowrd free keyword tool, Wordtracker free tool. Also using Google Trends in your research .. weekely report of its cpanetwork on the best products or EPC conversion can help your reaserch more.

2) Check Competiton:

check occupying a position for them and the number of links they did for her ... how are authority sites, is there any normal web page, webmaster or site as other items in that segment ..

You think you can beat the competition - You decide

3) Get a domain name with the same keyword or phrase ... like .com .org first option and then ... etc. .. If domain registration is possible for more than 1 year (theory discussed, but no harm in using)

4) Website:

You can make regular site, but is easy to run WordPress sites, also areSEO friendly so we suggest you install wordpress. Install common plugins such as Google Sitemap, allinoneseo ....
Customize your niche, use custom logo and banner for ... the issue should be your niche. Put several articles about it ... Try to keep the title as interesting as possible ... Use your imagination

5) Make landing page does not publish ... remove the sidebar and every thing .. no distraction for visitors

6) connect all post to that landing page ... Use different keywords for different post

7) Make sure that the content quality is very good ...

8) Get the press release .. better be done every fifteen days pressrelease if you can not, then get each month is made

9) Get some articles and submit to electronic publishing, goarticles, buzzle, ArticlesBase and isnare .. at least 1 item of each

10) Repeat step 9 of each week

11) Start making link ... do not do it too ... different anchor text for creating links (60% -80% of primary keywords), bookmarks, directory submission ... Try to make links based theme.

12) Get some items, rotate and then subjected to free blog sites .. point to the landing page .. make sure that indexing

13) Google likes site updated frequently to ensure they keep publishing new blog entry, if not every day then at least 1 in a week.

14) Use AdSense to earn extra income in their place, but do not have results page only cpalinks landing. Do not forget to cover your affiliate links ... you can use gocodes plugin for that .. you can even track the number of clicks they've been ... people do not like affiliate links or dirty

15) Do not use any blackhat method on the site ...... be patient and keep working

If you choose the right niche and work as I suggested then you will soon publish their own gain here and also good amount. It is basic and fundamental and can never go wrong.

I tried with over 50 niche so far and have aligned in every niche except one. This was very competitive, but anyway, I'm finally on the second page and may be on the 1st page soon. It is to be a niche finance ..

If you choose niche with low or medium competiton can view the rating and win in 1 month and that will give you enough experience and motivation for your next adventure ....

I hope I was able to answer common questions or put a roadmap for everyone. If you can write the article (although only in it), then the total cost of the project will cost single domain for you .. All you need is to put your serious effort.
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