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Hi friend, today I will share about how to make money by charging Youtube videos. Youtube is the largest video site and you can upload your videos more and can monetize with Google AdSense ads. If you are not aware of Google AdSense then go here and learn more about the Google AdSense program auto by Google. (Visit Google AdSense site). In short, AdSense is a free, simple to earn money by displaying targeted next to their content online ads. With AdSense, you can display relevant ads and attractive to your site visitors and even customize the look and feel of the website for your ad. Each blogger has a dream to be accepted into the Google AdSense program, but Google has chosen to have the best quality content.

NOTE: Google Adsense is not any system or get rich quick scheme Lottery. They are very caring for their ads, do not try to throw or try to fool them. This may disable your AdSense account and you will drive out forever.

So let's return to the subject of making money from YouTube videos. Google offers AdSense for sites / blogs, YouTube videos, online games and mobile content. But Google AdSense for video program is the best because you do not need any website or blog for Google ads. For videos all you must have a Youtube channel work and quality Original Created Your Videos.

You have some questions as I have no Bucks or no knowledge of video editing or photography can still make money? The answer is yes!! of course, you can still make money. That desire to Youtube in the same way as others do on your site or blog. The ads will be shown on videos and credited the NO.S ad views / Video and NO.S clicks.

I usually use the Word (Channel) channel. Actually Canal is the main page of your all videos. As people can subscribe to your channel and when ever publish any video they will automatically appear on your pages. How to get more no. Subscribe to aid more Number of Views. After getting 1,000 subscribers of your account becomes Account function and some related and famous videos can be displayed in the corner of the YouTube page.

Getting subscriber? Tell your Gmail or any other contact and another to follow his friend Canal. Making a good quality video will help you get faster subscriber.


You must have AdSense account associated with your YouTube account. I'm assuming you have the account associated with Adsense Youtube account. If you do not then

1. Create a YouTube account:

 Create an account Youtube first to start anything, if you have Gmail account, then it is the same for Youtube too. If you do not have email id then I recommend

2. Load your content or video:

 the video is your thing here each. Reputation of your channel and peoples will you subscribe.

Decide on your niche, your topic that will be published over the content.
Set the channel name and URL relative to your niche topic.
So try to upload good quality videos. The better the quality of the People's eyes will love.
The video should not be too long, this could make boor get user and can leave your video with a thumbs down.
Try 2-3 Loading video in a week to keep her alive and updated channel.

3. How to upload a video to YouTube with excessive keyword:

Upload your videos
Go to - & gt; Choose the option of video.
Video fill topic and click Suggest.
Get your keyword and paste in the description of the videos.
Put almost 25 Keywords
Choose labels on Youtube and title according to their subject. Better make a Youtube Research by the search.
Then your video ad.

4. Increase subscriber, increase your audience:

Share on social network. Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon.
Comment with the URL of your blog post, Other Video related, other blogs.
Share with friends.

Add appropriate keywords in the description.
A blog on and add video message by the embed code Confronting and Paste as HTML Post. Add more videos and share that Blog.
After receiving more than 1000 Subscriber their video shown on the right corner of Youtube video of the box, which will bring a lot of views Feature.
Research find or Youtube increasing subscriber.

5. Now How to make money from YouTube videos:

Apply for the YouTube Partner Program:
Click to see step by step how to request help from the YouTube Partner Program.
important step you should know. Properly and carefully read the Privacy Policy Partner Program YouTube and Google Adsense Privacy Policy. If you violate any then you may lose your YouTube account and Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is only for those who are over 18. If not 18 then alternative treat (you can ask your father for help)
Choose If you already have an Adsense account: Then link your AdSense account with your YouTube channel and start your profit.

6. Patience is the next step

Just go to sleep, drink coffee and walk out ideas below and search video on Google on how to increase YouTube views and Youtube subscriber. Check out YouTube videos related to your niche.
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